Requirements analysis and concept test for the BayWa online shop


Opportunities of e-commerce in the procurement process for building materials

BayWa is a global trading and service provider group operating in the core segments of agriculture, construction and energy. The BayWa Group is the No. 2 in the building materials trade and among the leading providers in Austria. Our task was to analyse the e-commerce potential in the business customer environment of the building materials trade, which is characterised by personal relationships. What role does the internet play today in the purchasing process at the target groups of “professionals” (construction companies, craftsmen) and “professionals for a limited time” (e.g. private builders or do-it-yourself adepts)? What can be a solid online strategy for BayWa? And: How can branches and key account managers be involved in a sensible way?

To find answers to these questions, Facit Digital conducted a comprehensive analysis of the purchasing behaviour and the needs of the target groups in moderated focus groups and phone interviews. In the process, it was illuminated in particular

  • how the purchase decision and procurement processes take place today,
  • how pricing is done,
  • what role the internet and customer managers play in this process,
  • what potentials are attributed to individual online tools or information portals.

The challenge was to take a look behind the curtain and explore the actual opportunities for various online services. In an environment in which most customers are highly satisfied with the existing possibilities for customer care, acceptance of online processing is naturally very low. Through the discussion of the procurement processes in their individual aspects, we were successful nonetheless in developing approaches that are viable from the customer’s perspective for using the internet channel.

The requirements analysis by Facit Digital has not only given us a sound insight into the purchasing and procurement processes of our target groups but also delivered a helpful analysis of the opportunities offered us by the internet as a medium for information, communication and sales. This laid the cornerstone for a reliable basis for working out our online strategy.

Carsten Rybka, Manager Process Consulting/Construction Division at BayWa