Comdirect Bank

Card Sorting


Changed customer structure leads to new user needs

comdirect bank is the market leader among online brokers in Germany and the leading direct bank for contemporary investors. Founded in 1994 as direct bank, comdirect bank began to focus on online brokerage in the 1990s. Today, comdirect is a full-fledged bank with three areas of expertise: brokerage, banking and consultancy. More than 1.5 million private customers handle their banking transactions via comdirect. The bank’s consultants are available to them 24/7. The customer structure and with it the expertise of users in terms of financial services have considerably changed during this transformation process. Step-by-step adaptations of the website were less and less able to accommodate these changes in sub-areas.


Ideal site structure through user involvement

Facit Digital used an innovative research approach for the user-centred optimisation of the website structure in order to take into account the newly acquired customers during the restructuring of the website and to locate all new content in an optimal way. One by one, the individual website areas were optimised by means of an online card sorting together with the target group. Today’s site map of comdirect bank can therefore rightfully be called “user generated; the search effort across the entire user base was minimised.

The studies of Facit Digital made it possible for us to adapt the new site structure optimally to the needs of our users. The results and optimisation proposals were well-conceived and able to be implemented immediately.

Kilian Hughes, Web Manager & Usability Expert, comdirect