Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience, Designing Solutions (CPUX-DS)


In this 4-day advanced training course you will learn how to design user-friendly user interfaces yourself. Besides theoretical knowledge about all important concepts and terms concerning the design and conception of user interfaces, it is very important to us to go into the implementation with you.


We will look at usage requirements and specifying usage scenarios, jointly create an information architecture and develop various prototypes (low to high fidelity). We will also take a closer look at interaction specifications.


The training is based on the UXQB curriculum, so you will also be prepared in the best possible way for the voluntary certification exam. 



In this advanced training course "Designing Solutions (CPUX-DS)" it is possible to take part in a certification exam.

In order to receive the internationally recognized certificate of the UXQB for this seminar, in addition to a 90-minute theoretical exam (also possible online) consisting of multiple-choice questions, a practical exam (only possible on site in Munich) must be passed, which takes about 8 hours. Prerequisite to participate in this certification exam is the basic certificate CPUX-F.

Target group


All interested persons who have successfully completed the first module (CPUX-F).

All (aspiring) UX professionals, (aspiring) user interface designers, interaction designers, information architects, concept designers, account managers as well as project managers in marketing and creative industries who want to build up an in-depth knowledge of interactive media.

Course content CPUX-DS

Day 1

Introduction to Designing Solutions

Design activities at a glance

Iterate as needed and as the project requires

Consider the entire user experience across all touchpoints


Early design

Design of user interfaces for the achievement of objectives

Design activity: Conceptual modeling


Overview and introduction of the exam

Day 2

First drafts

Design activity: information architecture

Design activity: interaction design

Making design decisions experiential to get feedback 

Day 3

Refined design

Design activity: Interface design

Design activity: Information design

Design activity: Sensory design

Day 4

Specific human needs


Ethics in design

Cultural diversity


Aspects beyond design activities

Stakeholder management

Setting the framework for the design work

Edit design tasks

Document design decisions

This training is currently only available in German. If you are interested in an English training session, please let us know.