Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience, Foundation Level (CPUX-F)


In this two-day seminar, we provide you with a basic understanding of processes and terms in the area of usability and user experience - adapted to the latest research and current technologies. You will learn usability principles and guidelines that directly enable you to evaluate products, applications or services.


In addition, you will learn everything about the process of human-centered design and gain insight into the method of usability testing. We are experts in this field and can give you many practical tips thanks to our many years of experience.


With this training, we prepare you in the best possible way for the (optional) certification exam of the UXQB, for which we will gladly register you upon request. The exam costs can also be settled through us. 

The practical exercises helped a lot to internalize everything again. The examples were very helpful.




The training takes place online, so you can attend from the comfort of your home, no need to invest travel time and expenses.


The training will be very interactive, with breakout rooms and new online workshop tools. In order to better understand and internalize the content, you and the other training participants will be given small tasks to work on together. Of course, there will also be small discussion rounds and opportunities for exchange. It is especially important to us that you, experts from different industries, have the opportunity to learn from each other. 

Target group


The seminar is suitable for everyone involved in the planning and design process of user interfaces - in other words, anyone who wants to acquire a basic understanding of the terminology and processes in the field of usability and user experience.


The contents are relevant for product and project managers, software developers, product and user interface designers as well as marketing experts. In addition, the seminar is aimed at all usability professionals who want to update their knowledge and at all those who are generally interested in UX and usability topics. 

Advantages of certification


Certification gives you an official certificate of passing the exam.


The certification is a quality standard in the field of UX, through which you can prove internationally recognized knowledge (ISO 9241). You also need this certification to participate in advanced training courses such as CPUX-DS (Designing Solutions). If you wish, we can register you for the exam. The costs can then simply be settled through us, together with the training costs.

I particularly liked the practical exercises and the insight into the everyday life of the professionals: On the one hand, there was the content that was conveyed from the instructor's wealth of experience, and on the other hand, there were the videos of real UX evaluations and interviews.


Course content CPUX-F

Day 1

Basic terms

Understanding usability and user experience

Examples of exam questions

Simple examples of user interfaces that illustrate essential features of usability


Planning the human-centered design process

Planning activities for an interactive system


Analysis: Understanding and specifying the context of use

Understand users, their problems, and behaviors

Derivation of the requirements of an interactive system

Getting to know different research and interview methods


Specifying usage requirements

Convert specified requirements into usage requirements

Use of the learned user profiles and methods

Day 2

Design: Dialog principles and design rules

Getting to know the design of the interaction

Understanding dialogue principles and heuristics


Design: Generating design solutions to meet usage requirements

Translate needs and usage requirements into an interactive system

Get to know design solutions for prototypes


Evaluation of the design against the usage requirements

Does an interactive system or its prototype meet the usage requirements and applicable dialog principles, heuristics as well as design rules?

Usability test (write test plan and script, learn about recruitment, test session with

tasks) and other evaluation methods


Summary exercises, certification exam example, Q&A.


Optional: Participation in certification exam for the Certified User Experience Professional Foundation Level (CPUX-F) of the UXQB.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the exam takes place remotely via the Certible certification body. The exam date can be arranged by you individually. When registering for the training, please let us know if you would like to take the certification exam (in the registration form).

This training is currently only available in German. If you are interested in an English training session, please let us know.