The Facit hygiene concept


Interviews in our test rooms in Augustenstraße

After the lockdown this spring, some normality returned in the summer. As a result of the second wave, this normality seems to be over again, but one thing is clear: Corona and the related measures will probably be with us for quite a while. And even under 'normal' circumstances, it makes sense to think about how we can protect the health of our interviewees and of course also of the interviewers in the best possible way.

In agreement with the health care und facility management experts, we have drawn up a detailed hygiene concept.

With this blog post we want to give you a short overview of the rules that apply to you and us.

Go digital?

Of course, the best strategy is still to avoid personal contact. That is why we have already switched a large part of our interviews to digital channels. But sometimes that is not possible and of course it's always better if face-to-face. In the case we need certain equipment or if the thematic field requires it, we are of course happy to welcome you at our lab, taking necessary measures into consideration!

What where how?

The premise, which is even more valid than usual at this time, is of course that the safety of the participants and interviewers must always be the first and last argument.

Therefore, the following rules apply in our laboratory in principle and during the interviews:

  • Fresh Air
    None of us wants to breathe in each other's aerosols - that's why we ventilate regularly and extensively. Dress warm - an onion look is recommended!

  • Mouth & Nose Mask 
    No-mask and under-the-nose mask wearing have no place among us. So please wear your mouth-nose mask when entering our offices - of course wearing masks is also a must for us.

  • Please Keep Your Distance
    As much as we would love to shake your hand or look directly over your shoulder during a UX test - we keep a distance of at least 1.50 metres and separate ourselves from you during interviews through a plexiglass screen.

  • Stop the Germs
    No one likes to have the dirt and germs of others sticking to their hands. That's why we regularly disinfect our hands. Of course, we also provide our participants with sufficient disinfectant and soap. After each interview, all surfaces, door handles, and equipment are also disinfected.

  • Keep cough and sneeze etiquette
    This should of course also apply in principle regardless of the current situation.
  • If in doubt, stay at home
    This applies to the participants as well as to the interviewers: If you have had contact with an infected person or if you feel ill independently or show non-specific symptoms such as cough, fever, etc., please refrain from participating in the interview! Just let us know as early as possible - we won't be angry with you. 

There are also other measures behind the scenes. For example, we make sure there are enough buffers between interviews to avoid encounters, we issue expense allowances online and take enough air breaks - and depending on the type of interview and the circumstances, we naturally add to these rules accordingly.

If you have any questions about this or have any queries before an interview, please feel free to contact us!

Michael Wörmann

Theresa Amberger

Als studierte Kommunikationswissenschaftlerin stellt Theresa viele Fragen und geht den Dingen gerne auf den Grund, so auch für die Blog-Reihe „Inside FaDi“. Im UX Consulting bei Facit Digital kann sie diese Leidenschaft mit ihrem Interesse an digitalen Trends und technologischen Neuerungen optimal vereinen.