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Remote Testing as "new" standard

We have been offering remote testing for quite some time, which is a great alternative with many new possibilities. In case you are still critical, wondering if it has the same value as a lab test, we can assure you it does.

Remote moderated testing offers different advantages as compared to lab tests

  • Remote moderated testing allows testing in a realistic setting. Participants can test the products in their natural environment and use their own devices which can enhance the results' validity. It is automatically taken into account how different environmental factors such as internet connection, lighting etc. as well as different types of devices affect the user experience.
  • Depending on the research goals, participants from all over the world can be recruited to take part in the study. With remote moderated testing you are not limited to participants within one city. Thereby remote moderated testing offers new possibilities for international studies. A lot of the extra efforts that were connected to a fixed location are no longer an issue.
  • Remote testing also means less time investment & costs: No costs for a test studio, no need to travel. As client, you can comfortably follow everything from your home or office.

Technology bridges distances

Do you want to interview users in another country, but don't speak or understand the language? The technology we are using allows for simultaneous interpretation, so that you can be in the same call as the participant, watch the person’s behavior with the product and listen to everything in a language you are familiar with, all using a single device such as your laptop. 

The technology even allows for you to send inquiries to the interviewer during the session, provide your feedback or to let them know that you would like to add another question.

Zoom-call with interpretation

What type of products can we test with remote moderated interviews?

Do you have a finished app, a mock-up or a prototype of a mobile website that you would like to test? We offer remote testing with desktop and mobile devices during all stages of the product development.

In case you are not comfortable with participants having your prototype on their computer, don't worry. We can have participants access the prototype via our computer or we can even provide them with test devices for the test sessions if necessary.

We are experts using various testing software and are flexible in the use thereof. For each study we choose the most optimal test setting to make it as comfortable and easy as possible for the user and for you. And most importantly we want to make sure we receive the feedback that helps you to advance your product.   


Interested? Please rech out with your request. We are excited to meet you and help you receive valuable insights from your users. Looking forward to working together with you! 

Michael Wörmann

Franziska Michels

How do people perceive an interface? What kind of operation inspires? What happens to users when they use a product for the first time? These are questions that Franziska deals with with her background in psychology and cognitive neuroscience.