Experts examine ad media regarding their psychological effect.

What we do?


Ad profiling is a psychologically based expert evaluation. Facit experts, consisting of psychologists, economists and sociologists, analyze advertising media of whatever format, within 3 days. In the process, hidden pitfalls are identified that have an unconscious effect on consumers. On this basis, optimization proposals are developed. 


What are typical questions?


• How can I address my target group emotionally?

• How can I successfully communicate the desired message?

• Why is my campaign not as well received as desired?

• Which values can I convey with my campaign?

• Where are hidden pitfalls that can cause rejection of my campaign?

• What effect does my advertising medium, e.g., TVC, OOH media or print ad, have on the brand image?


How does it help?


• It is fast, efficient and psychologically sound

• Identification of potential pitfalls up front.

• We give you valuable input for optimization - and that before the start of your campaign

• We can also help you in advance if you only have verbal concepts or storyboards.

• We show you in a competitor analysis how your advertising is located in the psychological chessboard.


What are the limitations?


• As this approach doesn’t include real consumers but expert knowledge, it might not be applicable for very narrow target groups

Key Infos

When to use?

As soon as storyboards or first drafts are available.

Combine with

A campaign pretest with the target group.


What can be tested with ad profiling?

Campaigns of all kinds: print, TV, billboard, outdoor, online, special advertising formats.

How long does the expert evaluation take?

The total duration of profiling takes about 3-5 days and depends on the number of motifs to be tested.

When should be tested?

Ideally, before the campaign starts. But it is also used when an ongoing campaign does not perform as expected and a deeper understanding is needed for optimization.

What does "expert evaluation" mean?

Ad profiling is an expert validation consisting of three phases.

The first phase, Deep Dive, allows to penetrate the client's industry and target group in the shortest possible time. The Facit experts gather first impressions, spontaneous associations and impulses by means of brainstorming. The psychological chessboard is semantically stretched and dimensions are found to locate the customer and his competitors.

In the second phase, the individual motives are psychologically analyzed in depth.

In the third phase, optimization potentials are identified and recommendations for action are made.

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