Continuously monitor brand KPI(s) and establish an early warning system.

What we do?


A continuous, standardized online survey, e.g. nationally representative or focused on specific target groups, determines the status quo of the most important brand and image KPIs. The central aspects of the brand funnel (awareness, recognition, consideration, choice, NPS) are covered. The regular survey makes developments over time visible.


What are typical questions?


• How does the awareness and likeability of your brand develop over time, and in comparison to competitors?

• Is there a need for action regarding brand perception due to current developments?

• What is the impact of my advertising efforts on brand perception?

• Are there seasonal fluctuations in key KPIs?

• Do consumers evaluate the brand as it should appear?


How does it help?


• Collection of KPIs to understand the status quo of the brand and as a data basis for marketing and sales

• Number-based overview of brand image developments (instead of "fishing in the dark").

• (Early) identification of necessary optimizations in the funnel.

• More efficient allocation of the marketing budget.


What are the limitations?


• Whilst brand tracking tells us, what exactly is happening in the perception of the brand, we still don’t know why this is happening. Hence, it makes sense combining it with external data like media spendings of competitors.

Key Infos

When to use?

For brands that have already reached significant awareness in their target group segments. 

Combine with

Media spending data, campaign databases or sales numbers in order to deepen understanding of correlations.

Variants and options

Cadence (e.g. monthly, quarterly, half-yearly), market (e.g. general population or market segment), competitors to test against. 


We actually know from our sales department how our brand is doing - then you don't really need brand tracking, do you?

Brand tracking helps to measure brand or company performance over time, to continuously capture the customer's perspective or even to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and how they compare to the competition.

Unlike sales and distribution data, brand tracking focuses on brand perception from the consumer's point of view and captures this neutrally, representatively and without bias. 

What is asked in a brand tracking?

Brand trackings are usually standardized surveys that query the classic brand funnel with awareness, recognition, consideration, choice and NPS, as well as recording various image statements. 

Can special topics be queried in addition?

Yes, that is possible. Depending on the question, special seasonal topics can be included, for example, or test materials can be included.

However, we recommend keeping a large part of the survey constant - only then are the observations comparable over time. 

How often is questioned?

There are different approaches: e.g. a continuous survey, in which invitations are issued weekly, or also with clearly defined waves, e.g. several times a year. The rhythm is recommended by us according to the peculiarities of the industry, the target group and the planned further work with the KPIs.

Our tracking bus is continuously surveyed.

What do the results look like?

Usually, a set of tables is delivered with a breakdown of the results by target group, and central results are also clearly presented in PowerPoint over time. For highly standardized tracking and continuous surveys, we also offer dashboard solutions so that the results are available live.

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Managing Partner

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