Test campaigns with our 48h advertising pretest

What we do?


Predict the advertising impact of advertising media in comparison to a benchmark and show how to improve it before the campaign.


We test your advertising media in a standardized online survey, quickly, cost-effectively and validly. A variety of formats can be considered: TVC’s, print ads, online/social video, online display, OOH, radio, etc.. The results are compared with an extensive benchmark so specific weaknesses can be fixed before the campaign.


What are typical questions?


• How memorable is my advertising material?

• Which motif is the best?

• Is the advertising message understood?

• How does the advertising medium compare to the competition?

• Where are the weak points of the advertising medium, what can be optimized?


How does it help?


• Cost-effective and valid insights, quickly available

• Security before the start of the campaign: Determine best motif or advertising medium

• Possibility of optimization: What exactly is wrong with the advertising material, where are the weak points?


What are the limitations?


• In order to allow benchmarking, the questionnaire must be standardized. Therefore, individual questions can be added, but the main set of questions must not be changed.

Key Infos

When to use?

As soon as first versions of advertising media are available before campaign start. There should be left enough time to optimize the media (e.g. change layout, captions, video edit).

Combine with

A campaign evaluation to understand the impact on campaign level.

Variants and options

The pretest can be upgraded with various modules, e.g. attention tracking, emotion tracking for videos, impact comparisons for various formats and motives, special target groups etc. 


How long does the preparation for the 48h advertising pretest take?

Typically, the field phase can be started immediately after receipt of the advertising material. We use a standardized questionnaire with common performance KPIs, additional questions are possible on request.

Which aspects of my advertising material are evaluated exactly?

We use a fixed set of meaningful KPIs to determine advertising recall (supported and un-supported), advertising impact (is the advertising understood and associated with the brand?), associations with the advertising/advertising medium, and possible weak points or likes/dislikes. If desired, further questions can be integrated.

How many people will be interviewed?

We normally work with a sample size of 150 subjects per advertising medium and target group. On this basis, valid and valid findings and recommendations can be derived.

How long does the field phase last?

Depending on the target group, this period can vary greatly. However, the data is usually available within 1-2 working days.

Do such surveys really provide meaningful results?

Yes, we specifically survey the target group defined in advance and compare the results obtained with the data in our extensive benchmark. In this way, you not only receive concrete evaluations of your advertising medium, but also an impression of how these results are to be evaluated in the industry context.

Michael Wörmann

Managing Partner

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m.woermann (AT) house-of-communication.com