Involve the target group in the creative process.

What we do?


In a special screening procedure, we find persons from the target group who are particularly introspective, creative and eloquent. Those persons add the customer point of view to the workshop, which aims at ideating product propositions, functionality or campaign messages. The workshops are prepared by the participants, e.g., through self-observation, cultural probes, etc.


What are typical questions?


• How can needs and pain points of the target group be addressed by products and product features?

• Which advertising messages meet the target groups sweet spots?


How does it help?


• It involves the customers’ view directly into the creative process


What are the limitations?


• Due to the special screening of participants, they are not representative of the target audience as a whole.

• The results should therefore be validated with a representative method afterwards.

Key Infos

When to use?

When there is enough information on the target group and the campaign or product design objectives.

Combine with

A representative evaluation of the ideation results.

Variants and options

Live prototyping, visual note-taking and other creative techniques. 


What are the benefits of a co-creation workshop?

Co-creation workshops are an effective and time-saving way of finding practical, creative, and comprehensive solutions to challenges or opportunities. Through structured discussion, brainstorming, and ideation, co-creation workshops help to bring out ideas, risks, approaches, and clarity that can lead to better design and implementation results.

How is it different to (in-depth) interviews and focus groups?

Co-creation workshops are more about brainstorming with all relevant stakeholders on a specific topic that is often still in the development phase.

Interviews are mainly about having in-depth discussions and listening to people's individual perspectives and ideas.

If the main focus is to discuss decision-making processes, advantages and disadvantages of an existing product/service, then focus group discussions can be helpful.

How long does a workshop last and how many participants are needed?

Depending on the topic, a workshop usually lasts from half a day to a full day. If necessary, several workshops can be held over several days. The recommended number of participants is 4-6.

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Managing Partner

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