Define the most relevant topics, best channels and formats.

What we do?


This tool provides information for successful content marketing strategies, especially for new or ‘special’ audiences like B2B target groups. A quantitative survey tells us which topics are relevant at the moment, where the perceived competences of the brand are, and which channels and formats are preferred. This way you can define the most relevant topics, the best channels and suitable formats for a sustainable dialog with your target audiences.


What are typical questions?


• Which problems and interests do customers have that the brand might credibly solve?

• What are the perceived competences of the brand?

• Which level of expertise do customers have regarding the topics?

• How can the topic reach be maximized?

• Which channels are preferred? (e.g., social media, websites, newsletters, personal contact, trade fairs)

• Which formats are preferred? (e.g., info graphics, videos, texts, stories)


How does it help?


• Reliable information base for content strategies


What are the limitations?


• Given the quantitative nature of this tool, a qualitative exploration might be needed to gather possible topics before evaluating them

Key Infos

When to use?

When a list of topics for content marketing is available.

Combine with

A qualitative exploration of topics, a content audit of available assets and capabilities.

Variants and options

Reach maximization through a TURF analysis and topics condensation with a cluster analysis.


Why is content strategy research important?

Content Strategy Research allows you to build a solid understanding of exactly how customers and potential customers think about you. You can also learn what they think about the competition. 

How long does a Content Strategy Research take and how many participants are needed?

Usually between 200 and 300 participants are needed and the survey takes between 1 to 3 months, depending on the number of participants.

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