Analysis of customer feedbacks on different online channels.

What we do?


Almost all available products and services receive spontaneous reviews and feedbacks through channels like app stores, Amazon reviews, social media. We systematically gather and sort these, so we can extract the main pros, cons and fields of action. This is a great feedback tool in the run & refine phase, providing that the feedbacks are condensed and made actionable.


What are typical questions?


• We know our rating on the app stores – but what do they actually mean?

• What do customers say about our products?

• What should we improve?


How does it help?


• Get fast and candid feedback on CX and product performance without having to run a bespoke survey

• Get fields of action for further optimization


What are the limitations?


• Reviews are given spontaneously by the customers, hence the utterly satisfied and dissatisfied are over-represented. A representative survey helps prioritizing the fields of action.

Key Infos

When to use?

When a product or service has been out in the market for a while. 

Combine with

A representative customer survey, so topics can be prioritized properly.

Variants and options

Selection of relevant channels.


When should be a customer feedback analysis conducted?

When a product or service has been out in the market for a while.

How do you get the customer feedback?

Whether it's emails, interviews, or in-app microsurveys, there are many ways to gather customer feedback. Here are some of them.

• Onboarding surveys

• User interviews

• CSAT surveys

• NPS surveys

• Public reviews

• Social media mentions

Why should you analyze customer feedback?

One of the effective ways to improve your CX is to ask the customers about their experiences, satisfaction level, and interactions at different touchpoints.

Getting the mood of your customers right can be critical to increasing your company's revenue and productivity. According to Ruby Newell-Legner's book “Understanding Customers”, it's six times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep an old one. Customer feedback dashboards give you the tools you need to keep your customers engaged.

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