Understand which journeys different customer personas take

What we do?


A customer journey analysis unveils how different groups of customers use various customer touchpoints, i.e., OOH, TV, social media, but also friends and family or other word-of-mouth. We tackle this with in-depth interviews and customer surveys in order to understand, which journeys different customer personas take when they make their purchase decisions.


What are typical questions?


• Which touchpoints are used / looked for by a given customer segment?

• Which transitions are there between the touchpoints? How should they be connected?

• How satisfied are customers with the available touchpoints (owned or influenced by the brand)?

• Which problems arise throughout the journey (e.g., usability, inconsistent tonality)?

• When are decisions made in the purchase process? How can they be supported / influenced?


How does it help?


• It provides insights for the holistic optimization of the customer journey, customer experience and customer conversion.

Key Infos

When to use?


Combine with

A customer segmentation, if no customer segments and personas are available. Media studies such as the Touchpoint Analyzer for generic data.

Variants and options

The analysis can be done either explorative or as a survey.


How is the customer journey analysis performed?

The analysis can be conducted either exploratory or as a survey.

What does a customer journey map include?

A customer journey map is typically a diagram that shows all the possible stages of a customer's interaction with a brand/company. There are four key components to a customer journey map:

• Customer stages

• Buyer personas

• Touchpoints with customers

• Emotions

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