Get a sense of CX and satisfaction after product/campaign launch.

What we do?


An easy way to get a feeling of customer experience and satisfaction after a product or campaign launch. A sample of customers or users is invited to participate in a short online survey. Invites can be sent through email, social media, newsletters etc. 


What are typical questions?


• How does the new app feature resonate?

• How do we fare against our competition?

• Which problems and features should we look after next?


How does it help?


• It provides quick, reliable and efficient insight into customer satisfaction and experiences

• It helps prioritizing the next steps and releases

• It helps refine the CX and UX

• You can get a feedback even before users give it on other channels


What are the limitations?


• We need a way to invite the participants, e.g. in-app alerts, social media, banners, newsletters, emails etc. 

Key Infos

When to use?

When a product or campaign has gone live and customers had enough time to experience it. 

Combine with

Usage data, campaign reporting, app store ratings.


When should a customer survey be conducted?

When a product or campaign has gone live and customers had enough time to experience it.

What are the benefits of a customer survey?

Gain customer perspective, create products which are closer to the customers’ needs, increase the customers’ satisfaction, improve conversion and revenue in the long term.

How is a customer survey conducted?

In most cases, an online questionnaire is the best approach. In doing so, individual questions tailored to the research subject can be developed. In addition, a questionnaire can easily be used to address different customer groups.

The customer survey has been completed. What’s next?

After data collection, the data is interpreted. The results and conclusions can be used to assist in corporate strategic orientation. The conclusions are best aligned with strategic goals. After doing so and giving some time an additional evaluation can be done to check the success of the measurements.

Michael Wörmann

Managing Partner

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