Test and optimize visual designs and choose the most preferable variants.

What we do?


When it comes to evaluating matters of taste, a representative survey with at least 300 participants is needed. We carefully choose a sample that represents the target audience and present them with creative stimuli such as screen designs, logos, claims, advertising media, motives, etc. 


What are typical questions?


• Which logo version fits best with the brand values?

• Which claim is understood best?

• Are there any unwanted associations?

• How is a visual design received by the target group? How can it be improved?

• Which motives / testimonials / images resonate best with the target audience?

• Are the new assets better than the current ones?

• Which narrator voices sound better?


How does it help?


• Clear base for informed design decisions

• Discussions with the client can be shortened dramatically if empirical evidence is presented


What are the limitations?


• A design test works best when two or more alternatives can be prepared, e.g. old vs. new, or design alternatives. If there isn’t something to compare with, strengths and weaknesses as well as acceptance can speak for themselves

Key Infos

When to use?

When there are creative ideas that can be visualized. 

Combine with

A pre-test against a benchmark if the stimuli are advertising media.

Variants and options

Screen design test, creative asset test, animatic test, claim test, logo test, voice test, video test. 


What can a design test be used for?

A design test can be used for a whole range of tests. Not only for the design of the product but also for a logo. A design test can also be used for name tests or for the design of certain advertising materials such as posters, online ads or banners.

How long does a design test take?

Depending on the number of designs, the duration of representative design testing can vary, but is usually around 3-5 weeks from commissioning to delivery of results. 

Qualitative design testing, on the other hand, can be completed in about 3 weeks as the focus is more on attitudes and opinions and the sample can be kept much smaller.

What else is important for design testing?

In addition to the test material, it is important to understand the brand positioning and the relevant target groups. These factors play an important role in choosing the right design.

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