UX and usability testing of products over a longer time.

What we do?


Selected representatives of the target group are accompanied while they use digital and physical products over a longer period. We regularly gather feedback on various use cases and scenarios through self-report (e.g. text, voice, videos, photos) and interviews. 


What are typical questions?


• What problems are encountered in a longer, real-world use?

• Which usage patterns evolve after actual usage in real life?

• Which settings do users have for my product?


How does it help?


• Information about the behavior and experiences of users in real-world contexts

• Organic and contextual behavioral insights

• Longer-term usage can provide deeper insights than one-off observations.

• Alternative, if laboratory situations are unsuitable and surveys cannot answer the research question


What are the limitations?


• The efforts and duration are relatively high compared to in-lab tests. 

Key Infos

When to use?

For more complex products (e.g. apps, consumer electronics) that are used intensively, over a longer time, and in special contexts. This approach needs working products, at least on beta level.

Combine with

In-lab testing before rolling out the field test, in order to eliminate the major usability problems and tech bugs.

Variants and options

Duration (a few weeks up to several months), one-off vs. constant. The way feedbacks are gathered can vary (e.g. spontaneous report from participants or solicited) and also the formats (e.g. voice message, video call, etc.).


When should testing be done with Field User Tests?

In principle, field user tests are possible at any time.

Usual times are, for example, before major releases or relaunches, so that users can give feedback and the product can still be optimized before release.

Existing products can also be tested in the field, e.g. against the background of further development or optimization. 

What can be tested?

All questions about your physical or digital products, as well as about habits, behavior patterns, attitudes, values, motivations and needs of your target group.

How long does a Field User Test take?

A Field User Test does not have a limit. It can last from several days to several months.

The duration of the test is clarified depending on the question. 

How is documentation done?

Field user tests are usually conducted digitally and mobile. For this purpose, we either work with an external software provider or conduct the diary study via an instant messenger (usually WhatsApp or Telegram). Participants can, for example, film themselves using a product and make this available to us.

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Managing Partner

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