Focus groups explore the target group’s needs and opinions.

What we do?


Focus groups explore the target group’s needs and opinions in a dynamic group setting.


Focus groups are moderated discussions with 6-10 participants per group. The moderation techniques and the dynamic interaction between the participants often provide unexpected insights that can be further explored. Live observation (on site or remotely) by the project team allows a parallel brainstorming. Arising questions from observers can be directly discussed with the participants. 


What are typical questions?


• What are the target group’s needs, pain points and preferences?

• How do they perceive the market, brands, products and competitive landscape?

• What are new topics and issues that are relevant for the target group?

• How do first product or campaign ideas resonate? Are the messages understood? What must be changed?


How does it help?


• Helps you explore new topics and business areas if you don’t know the exact questions yet

• Helps collect many statements and views that can be condensed and prioritized in the define phase.

• Gives you a clue why customers say and do certain things. 


What are the limitations?


• Given the qualitative nature of the method, results are rather a collection of topics and not representative.

• Focus groups are not suitable for topics where participants are hesitant to speak their opinion frankly – in-depth interviews are a better choice here.  

Key Infos

When to use?

When there isn’t enough information about the target group and its interests and topics available, especially when we deal with new topic fields and products that aren’t covered by existing data. 

Combine with

A representative survey in order to quantify the importance of the findings. Available target group insights, in order to choose the right participants.

Variants and options

On site (with one-way mirror) or remote (all participants are at home). Live translator into English, homework (participants bring ‘cultural probes’, e.g., photos or screenshots. Usually, we run 2 groups per target group and additional groups for different segments / personas.


What can be examined?

All questions relating to your physical or digital products, as well as to attitudes, values, motivations, and needs of your target group. Input on the introduction of new products and innovations as well as campaign evaluations are further subjects of focus groups. 

How long does it take to prepare for focus groups?

Typically, approx. 2 weeks must be expected from the time of commissioning.  During this time, we work closely with you to develop the interview guide for the focus groups and recruit the participants using a screening questionnaire.

How many people can participate in a focus group?

The group size varies depending on the accessibility of the target group, usually between 8 and 10 people. For online focus groups, we recommend limiting the number of participants to 6. 

Where do the focus groups take place?

In Munich or at any location of your choice. We can offer observation possibilities in all major cities in Germany. But it is also possible to carry out the survey at your premises or to implement it remotely. 

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Managing Partner

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