Conversion Rate Optimization with Lean Usability

Customer acquisition and customer loyalty are essential drivers for the economic success of a digital offering in any business area. Only those who succeed in ensuring a good customer experience will be able to survive in the competition in the long term.


Perhaps you have experienced one of the following situations:


- My app has bad ratings in the App Store

- Users buy or visit the website once but do not come back again

- There are numerous abandonments in the ordering or registration process

- Users express their dissatisfaction through the existing feedback channels

- Your deployed media budget does not result in a consistent increase in users or buyers.


Get to the bottom of the possible causes now! Get in direct contact with your (potential) users and find out what might be making them dissatisfied, what is keeping them from buying or from using your digital offering permanently!


The way to achieve this is our Lean Usability Test. With an investment of just €4,900, we provide you with concrete optimization proposals for your digital offering. Our many years of experience flow into this.


You do not need to have any previous experience or a fully functioning product. The Lean Usability Test works, thanks to moderation even with simpler LoFi prototypes, unlike unmoderated testing. Tell us your website/app/prototype and describe your target audience. We take care of the rest.


We test for you:


- (mobile) websites, web stores, brand websites

- Apps on Android or iOs

- (LoFi) prototypes (e.g. with Axure, Figma)


You will receive the following services:

Basic services

Additional services


Concept development of a survey procedure for the task analysis. You are welcome to contribute your own questions.




Recruitment and incentivization of 6 test participants. 5 participants are sufficient to detect 85% of the most common usability problems (externer Link).

Consideration of special target groups


Remote survey moderation and execution by a UX expert á 45 minutes. This allows for adaptive queries during the course of the interview.

Implementation in our professional usability lab in Munich


Observation possibility at your workplace of the live interviews and provision of the video documentation


Automated transcripts of the interviews


Top level report with the central usability finding our certified UX experts with concrete optimization recommendations

Completion of the entire project within max. 2 weeks

Results workshop with stakeholders


Eye tracking with evaluation


Users will thank you with better brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and measurably increased conversion rates.

Get started right now!

Leonie Allofs


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