Condense findings from the discover phase into hard numbers.

What we do?


A representative online survey with typically 500-1,000 participants of the target group helps prioritize and validate insights. This step should be taken after all qualitative explorations if time and budget allow. 

In advance, the target group is precisely defined on the basis of specific characteristics. We then incorporate your questions into an online questionnaire, program it, and survey a sufficiently large sample of subjects from your target group to obtain representative statements and recommendations.


What are typical questions?


• What are the top priorities of the target audience?

• How are brands from a category perceived?

• How can the target audience be described?


How does it help?


• It provides hard-currency numbers for a given target audience that stand each discussion

• We have service agreements with all major international online panels so we can reach almost all B2C and B2B audiences in almost all markets.


What are the limitations?


• The questions and proposed answers that enter the survey must be known – either through previous research, stakeholder workshops, or other available insight.

• Especially with new topics and target audiences, there should be an explorative research before.

Key Infos

When to use?

When topics and questions are available, either from previous exploratory research or from internal workshops, etc.

Combine with

A qualitative exploration, third-party data from database research and external studies.

Variants and options

There are many different special survey & analysis techniques that can be implemented in the survey. Surveys can be run in all markets in all languages.


Do such surveys provide representative results?

Surveys are designed so that the sample represents the population of interest (e.g., "women under 40 who like to do yoga"). This is ensured by the selection of participants (must all do yoga) and the distribution of participants (e.g., equal number of women under 30 as over 30). Numerous other characteristics can also be controlled (such as place of residence, income) to achieve a representative cross-section of the target group. 

How long does it take to prepare for online panel surveys?

Typically, it takes about 1-2 weeks from the time of commissioning.

During this time, we work closely with you to develop the questionnaire and screening criteria, commission panel partners and program the survey.

If your timing is particularly tight, the preparation time can be shortened to <1 week if you cooperate.

Where do participants for online panel surveys come from?

For most surveys, we use online panel providers as partners. Here, we work exclusively with renowned providers who have convinced us over the years in terms of both data quality and the corresponding data security. Depending on the type of survey, customer or address data from you can of course also be used or customers or employees can be surveyed via our software.

Are international studies also possible?

We work with renowned panel partners who can cover almost all countries for surveys. International studies are therefore absolutely no problem.

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Managing Partner

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