Co-Creation & Supergroups

Supergroups are an intensive workshop format with particularly introspective and eloquent participants who are particularly interested in the topic under discussion. We select the participants in an elaborate process and they prepare intensively for the workshop through self-observation. In the workshops, needs, painpoints and solution directions are then worked out together.

In the course of co-creation sessions we have developed user needs for the Consorsbank. Read more here.



Utility Analysis

We quantify the utility value of content and functions for specific target groups, thus creating a user-centred basis for investment decisions. This is where methods such as Kano analysis, TURF or Max Diff come into play.



Card Sorting

A sitemap developed by Card Sorting forms the foundation for good usability: effectiveness, efficiency and user satisfaction are optimized even before the interaction design begins. We perform card-sortings online and with statistical cluster analyses.

With the help of a Card Sorting study, we have developed an ideal site structure for comdirekt bank - based on the needs of the users. Learn more about this here.




Pricing Studies

We analyse ideal feature and price combinations, e.g. via Conjoint studies, Van-Westendorp analyses or qualitative studies.




The secret of a successful brand is the value fit between brand, buyer, creation and media environment. Our value typology ValueSphere° is based on a psychologically sound approach. It can be used for value-based media planning, brand management and market potential analysis.

Read here how ValueSphere is used in media planning