Foundation Studies

Neuroscientific and behavioural psychological research methods provide both surprising and profitable insights into consumers' thoughts and feelings. What moves them and drives them to act is the basic knowledge you need for a successful brand and communication strategy.



Ethnografic Study

We analyse the usage contexts, needs and painpoints of potential users by observing and interviewing them in their familiar surroundings. On this basis, ideas for solutions and new products can be developed.

Read here our case about the survey of requirements of TÜV Süd inspectors for mobile devices..

Learn more about ethnographic studies here in our blog post..



Diary Studies

Selected representatives of the target group document their daily experiences regarding a specific topic in an online diary. We accompany them in this process and regularly collect feedback on their experiences. In this way we understand, for example, how certain technologies are used in the daily routine.

Read in our blog post how to gain authentic insights into usage situations with the help of the diary study..



Repertory Grid

Users often have great difficulty in describing the image of a brand or product in all its facets in concrete terms. This is because they are not aware of the attributes on which their perception of the image object is based. With Repertory Grid we uncover this unconscious perception and thereby draw a very realistic picture of a brand or product from the target group's point of view. On this basis, we can formulate extremely valid optimization guidelines for product design or brand positioning.



Consumer Lab

In our Consumer Lab, potential users discuss in a closed online community that is being set up specifically for this purpose. In diaries, moderated forums, chats and questionnaires, for example, requirements for digital products and concept ideas are discussed. This is particularly useful for target groups that are difficult to reach. Due to the special depth and scope of the contributions, the Consumer Lab is often a good alternative to classic focus groups.

Read here, how we surveyed customer requirements for a "Premium Economy Class" of Lufthansa through a Consumer Lab.



Focus Groups & In-Depth-Interviews

In our test studio, our trained moderators explore the values, needs and requirements of representatives of the target group. They can be present live behind the mirror and adjust the exploration as it progresses or add new questions.

Here you will find our focus group case for potential analysis for the BayWa online strategy

Learn more about interviewing on our blog.



Segmentation & Personas

We identify subgroups within the target group with similar needs and problems so that they can be addressed with even more appropriate solutions. We portray memorable representatives of these user segments, which can be used as a guide for the ideation.



Customer Journey Analysis

We find out which touchpoints per phase in the sales funnel are used by customer segments.



Potential Analysis

Analyses of market potentials for brands.