Usability Bus

Quick user testing in the Facit usability bus

Usability Bus

Involving the user in product development is now more convenient than ever. With our usability bus, you get feedback quickly and can optimise your product, app, or website quickly.

How the usability bus works

We conduct a remote usability test for several customers every month, where you can book a 15-minute slot. By combining several tests, participating clients can do user testing at a lower price than a stand-alone UX test would cost them.

  Usability bus Stand-alone
UX test
Autonomous user test
How it works You book 15 minutes in a fixed-date remote user test - together with other customers on one day. Customised UX test just for you - in the lab or remotely. With results workshop and/or report. Unmoderated test: Users work on tasks without moderation.
Interview duration 15 min 60-90 min 10 min
Test contents 2-3 Usecases and general assessment 5+ use cases, general assessment, and individual questions 5+ Usecases and general assessment
Sample General German consumer sample: 6 participants Accurately depicts your target group: Size flexible, depending on the number of profiles Exactly reflects your target group, from 20 participants onwards
Moderated by UX experts Yes Yes No, users carry out use cases by themselves
Suitable for existing products (live websites, high fidelity prototypes) Yes Yes Yes
Suitable for early prototypes like click dummies Yes, as actively moderated Yes, as actively moderated No, as test material must be self-explanatory
Timing Approx. one week: 

Registration deadline: every last Friday of the month, 1:00 p.m. 

Field day: every 1st Thursday of the month 

Results: Monday after the field day
approx. 2 weeks, with report approx. 3 weeks Approx. 2 weeks
Live observation No Yes, in the lab and online. Interview guide and test material can also be adapted during the test No
Download of videos Yes Yes Yes
Evaluation by UX experts Yes Yes Yes
Report within 48h Yes No No
Cost excl. VAT 3,900 Euro From 10,000 Euro From 5,000 Euro


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