Omnishopper study 2019

Psychologie des digitalen Wandels

Analysis of trends in the research and purchasing behaviour of German consumers

Some sectors are more advanced than others in terms of the digitisation of the retail trade and service providers.

We ask ourselves:

1. How do ROPO habits differ in different sectors?

2. What trends are there? Where is the transformation pressure highest?

3. How great are the digitisation potentials in Germany for different sectors?

4. What are the psychological factors the influence the decision to buy and use products online or offline? What differences exist between different industries?

For the Omnishopper study 2019, we analysed discernible trends in the research and purchasing behaviour of German consumers. 

Key data:

Representative* Germany-wide online panel survey in two waves

» Wave 1: 2015 with 1,508 participants

» Wave 2: 2019 with 1,281 participants: Interview about the current and future habitual search and purchase behaviour for products and services.

» Participants were asked about sectors in which they made purchases over the last 3 years.