Deutsche Krankenversicherung (DKV)

Conversion Lab

Conversion rate quadrupled through the Conversion Lab

For more than 80 years, DKV has been a specialist and innovator in the field of health insurance and in a leading position for decades. The online channel plays an important part in sales for DKV today.

To improve the efficiency of the appropriated online media budget, we conducted a Conversion Lab® with the landing page and the associated advertising materials of an online campaign for DKV. In these tests, gaps between the information imparted by the advertising material and the further information on the landing page were identified. Secondly, it was determined which information and functions were really needed by the target group and where risks existed for an exit (so-called “critical incident technique”). After the proposed measures were implemented, the conversion rate quadrupled.

We were able to boost the efficiency of our online marketing activities markedly by quadrupling the conversion rate on the landing page.

Andreas Witte, Coordinator Online-Marketing, DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung AG