Germany-wide online panel survey

UX deutscher Intranets

Germany-wide online panel survey on the user experience of German intranets

The study on the use of corporate intranets in companies with 10,000 or more employees was conducted with 500 participants.


  • The intranet has become a vital element of daily work in Germany in 2016.
  • However, only every second employee is really happy with his or her intranet. The retail trade, the public sector and the logistics industry have the greatest need for catching up.
  • The search function, specialist articles, information on in-house products and further training options are pain points.
  • Drivers of satisfaction can be found mainly in the areas of usability and information architecture.
  • A smart search function is seen by the users as one of the most important points of an ideal intranet.
  • Mobile reachability is a vital trend subject for users.
  • The mobile intranet is still underdeveloped: Fewer than 1/3 have mobile access.


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