New Customer Segmentation for Audible

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Facit Digital has been accompanying the audio book and podcast provider Audible for several years. Through continuous brand tracking in Germany and Austria and various ad-hoc studies on brand strategy and communication, we support Audible with data-based analyses.

In order to be able to address the (potential) Audible user base in a differentiated way according to their requirements, a segmentation study was conducted. The aim was to replace the segments and personas used so far. Especially in this young market, significant changes in the target group could be detected after only a few years, so that the update became necessary.

The new segmentation looked at a variety of influencing factors, such as media use, motives for use and decision criteria for the selection of audio books. We identified four segments and worked them out in detail to make them applicable for the daily work at Audible.

The elaboration process was carried out in close cooperation between Audible and Facit in order to make the segments understandable and vivid for different requirements. 

We use the new segments in various studies as well as for our extensive media planning and target group controlled marketing. They are also clear and understandable for various internal purposes, so that all colleagues can work with them very well.

Laura Nonnenbacher, Audible