We discover target audience segments and create personas.

What we do?


We identify the different target group segments and use them to create tangible and comprehensible personas in order to develop products, communication or strategies that are a perfect fit.


In an online survey, user needs, pain points, user behavior, values and various demographic data are collected. Subsequently, factor and cluster analyses are used to form customer segments with similar need structures. These segments can be addressed more specifically with products and advertising messages. The segments can be illustrated as striking personas.


What are typical questions?


• What are the different sub-target groups and how do they differ?

• What specific needs do different sub-target groups have?

• Which segments are the most strategically relevant?

• In which segment is untapped potential lying dormant?

• Should the segments be addressed differently?

• Where can segments be addressed?


How does it help?


• Product design, communication strategy

• Derivation for persona-specific customer journey

• Precisely tailored strategies for optimized addressing of all segments that can increase marketing ROI by up to 30%*

• For the strategic alignment of communication and product

• As a basis for product development

• Derivation for persona-specific customer journey

• Precisely tailored strategies for optimized addressing of all segments


What are the limitations?


• If potential needs and pain points are not known yet, an explorative study is needed beforehand.





* Source: https://ogno.io/market-segmentation-roi/, July 2021. 

Key Infos

When to use?

If the theoretical target audience is big enough to be split into segments that can be treated differently. Before the onset of strategic product and communication planning.

Combine with

A qualitative exploration of needs and painpoints before the segmentation, stakeholder workshops during the segmentation process to ensure buy-in.

Variants and options

Fusion of segments with media studies, discriminant analysis for a segment identification questionnaire.


When do I need a segmentation study?

A segmentation study is recommended, ....

•  early in the development process, when strategic decisions are pending.

•  if it is unclear how heterogeneous the target group is

•  when I know little about my target group and its needs

•  when I can no longer work adequately with existing segments due to market developments

•  when marketing budgets are to be used more efficiently than before. 

How long does a segmentation study take?

Approx. 6 - 8 weeks

A good preparation about motives, needs or pain points is essential. In the course of the project we plan with several coordination meetings and workshops. 

How many people should be surveyed in a segmentation?

We usually assume 1000 test persons in order to have sufficient numbers of cases in the sub-target groups. The recommendation of the sample size depends on the target group. 

Where do the people for a target group segmentation come from?

We conduct the majority of segmentation studies using online access panels. These can be implemented worldwide. It is also possible to use predefined addresses, e.g. for B2B segmentations.

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